Madagascar 2008

I travelled six weeks through Madagascar as a backpacker in 2008. Although it isn’t always easy to travel by public transport in Madagascar, it’s a cheap way of moving around and you get to see more of the culture and the people who live there. I visited a few National Parks while I was there including Andasibe, Vohimana (private park, but highly recommended for chameleon species (Calumma gallus, C. nasutum, C. gastrotaenia, C. parsonii, C. furcifer and more), Montagne d’Ambre, Ankarana and Lokobe on Nosy Be. As I was there during wintertime, not many snake species were seen, although I did see quite a lot of other interesting species.



This is a selection of pictures of the chameleon species I came across in Madagascar.

Madagascar has many unique gecko species, including the very beautiful Uroplatus genus.

Wintertime is not the best time for viewing amphibians, so not many were spotted.